B & C Kikos & Savannas

Previous New Zealand Kiko Herdsire: Jack Hammer

Registered fullblood New Zealand Kiko Buck (100%)

​​Sire: GAL Hammerson

Dam: Boulder Hills WR199

Jack Hammer is a fairly gentle but very aggressive breeder, in that he settles his does QUICKLY and QUIETLY.  He is cream-colored, but there are some colored genes "in there" as evidenced by his pedigree and his kids!  His background included Lightin', Eastex James Bond (repeatedly), Goatex Confederate, and multiple Goatex, Boulder Hills, and JTV goats, which go back to the "original Kikos."  He continues to fill out and buff up! 

We were impressed when we introduced this new buck to our herd in 2016, and expect great things from him in the years to come.  (MOVED TO ALABAMA 2018)

PreviousHerdsire:  LCK C1 Iron Horse's Raven
Registered New Zealand Fullblood Buck (100%)

Sire: GHK Cold Steel
Dam: ECR Victoria's Secret

This buck has it all---striking black color, handsome big black sire, and one of the most famous dams in the current Kiko herdbook. His grandma is Tasman Toia, who is still producing at age 14!  Goldmine, Tasman Zorro, Aristocrat and Moneymaker make his a powerhouse pedigree. He continues to bulk up as he reaches maturity.  Shown here at 14 months, he covered a few doelings last fall, and performed magnificently.  He sired 10 kids, and 9 of them are black or have colors!  His kids also have his striking blue eyes, large chest and buttocks, and forage quite efficiently and independently.  He settled all of his does in 2014 and 2015, and those kids look great!


SOLD--Moved just across town!


Here are some of our herd sires whose genetics are present in our herd.

#879 "The Duke", Reg. 94% Savanna Buck (was Fullblood before "adjustment") 

Sire: 4C 223 (Luggnutt)

Dam: 4C Cleo

The Duke is a well-built, thickly muscled Savanna buck.  He is a sweetheart to people and a gentleman to his "ladies!"  We have no problem with him with regards to fences or fighting with other mature bucks.  He is pastured with both mature and baby bucks when not breeding, and does not hurt them.  We have several of his daughters, so he has about worked himself out of a job! He will be 3 years old in April 2019, so he will likely to get even bigger with age.

The Duke is for sale currently and ready to work!

Price:  $600 incl. P.I. registration & transfer

Previous Savanna Herdsire:  PJT Little Georgie
Registered Fullblood Savanna Buck (100%)

Sire: 4C 12B
Dam: NJW White 15

This buck is part of our new commercial and breed-up programs.  He will be bred to quality Kiko does to produce meatier kids.  Select doelings from this cross will be "bred up" to our New Zealand  bucks over several generations to produce a (hopefully) meatier purebred Kiko.  The 50% Savanna/Kiko cross males will be sold for meat, with a select few retained for sale as herdsires.  

When crossing Savannas and Kikos, we hope to see the "hybrid vigor" work in our favor to produce better MEAT goats!

The kids born so far in 2015 & 2016 that were sired by George have displayed higher birth weights and faster weight gains than straight Kikos, of course these are 50% Kiko/Savannah kids.

Most of the doelings and some of the bucks will be used as starter breeding stock, the rest of the bucklings will go for meat.  Stay tuned for more information on our "experiment."

   SOLD-- but stayed in Tennessee


N.E. Tennessee

Located off I-81 near the Tri-Cities Area

​Current Herdsire -- 

"HBL King Tut's Pitch Black" 100% NZ Kiko

       (Parentage Verified)

Sire: SPKF King Tut

Dam: HKGF Nola

"Pitch Black" is a new arrival to our farm and is currently "working" on his 2018 Fal Breeding.  We are eagerly awaiting his 2019 Kids.  He has been known in the past to pass on his color  and size!  Be sure to watch the "for sale" page for updates!


 Previous Herdsire:  "Hill William"
Registered New Zealand Fullblood Buck (100%)

Sire: TLF Exceller
Dam: JFK Endurance

Hill William has proven to be an excellent herd sire, putting size and weight on his kids. He is long in the body and deep in the heart girth. His shoulders and hips are heavily muscled.   He easily settles his doe herd, and is quite the gentleman, both to his girls and to people! 
His pedigree sports the likes of 
"Nick" (Sunboy Stanton 149), Goldmine, Goliath and Generator.   

"Hill William" is now living in Florida, basking in the sun, fighting off gators, and making babies!  

Thank you to Steven Headrick and Jill of S&J Kikos!

​We retained many of his daughters in our herd.