N.E. Tennessee

Located off I-81 near the Tri-Cities Area

ICF Sunshine 6020
Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire: MGR Lightin's Thor P87
Dam: Princess 4058 of Q Farms

Sunshine is another independent doe who insists on kidding in the most remote inaccessible areas of our pasture, much to our chagrin!  But we needn't worry as she does just fine without our help!  Her pedigree, packed with Tasman and Goatex lines, attests to her independence and the sturdiness of her kids!

RRR Sissy
Registered 50% Kiko Doe

Sire:  MGR Lightin's Thor S08
Dam: Unregistered Kiko/Boer doe

Sissy is one of our Old Dependables, the 2nd oldest doe on our farm as of this writing. She is tough, and HATES dogs (butts them relentlessly), so don't mess with her!  She is good mother, good milker, and always twins. She has Generator, MGR, and Moneymaker  in her pedigree, and fire in her eyes!

Emily #73

Unregistered Boer/Kiko cross Doe

Emily is a stout youngster who had a huge boy her first kidding in 2014.  She was an excellent mother, has great feet, and parasite resistance.  She will make a great commercial Kiko doe in our herd. She was bred to Georgie in the fall of 2014 and produced 2 awesome doelings!

Eve (HMK) #3
Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire: TNB Conway (NZ)
Dam: QFK Annabelle (PB)

Eve is a well-built purebred Kiko doe who was bred by the nearby
High Meadows Kikos  .  We feel very fortunate to have purchased this doe, who boasts Taylor and Goatex lines, to name a few. She has had twins every year, and has exhibited excellent foot health and maternal instincts.

Elvira #46

Unregistered Boer/Kiko

Elvira and her full sister, Nibbles, have Boer-like markings but in black, and pass their color on to their offspring.  Elvira was bred to Raven in the fall of 2014 and produced a set of 50% Kiko twins that look just like her!  She has also had twins every year since then, bred to various bucks.

She is FOR SALE, $200, and will be bred in the fall

CBK 2393 Hill William's Dolly

Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire: Hill William
Dam: ICF Dandelion

As a first-time mom in 2014 Dolly delivered one huge buckling on the hillside like an old pro! In 2015 she produced twin girls, both over 8 lbs. With Lightin, Victoria Farm Puddin, Generator, Loverboy, Moneymaker, 007, Nick, and Exceller in her pedigree, some on both top and bottom, she should do well for us in the future.

LRF 1 "Cricket"

Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire: BHR Zion


At 4 years old, Cricket has had 3 sets of twins already, having been bred off-season the first time.  She is a great mother, and her kids sport her awesome color.  Her pedigree shows the Lightin' line, 009, 007, Victoria Farm Puddin, Tasman Zorro and Loverboy.  A bonus--many of her kids have blue eyes!

CLR Ragin River's Anna
Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire: Sky S 408 Sports Kat
Dam: BHF's S35

This husky doe is a TRIPLET and has given us twins each year since we bought her.  She is a great mother with hard feet and good parasite resistance. Her pedigree includes Araroa and Tasman Aristocrat, CCR Sazerac, Eastex James Bond to name a few.  She should produce some great kids for us!

Amber #74

Unregistered Boer/Kiko/Myotonic Doe

Amber is an unregistered (commercial) doe, who kidded for the first time in spring 2014. She comes from a well-culled Boer cross at a nearby farm.  She did very well, even going "out" on the hillside to have her twin girls under the trees! She nursed and protected the kids well just like an old pro!  She was bred to Georgie in 2014 and produced a single, 11 lb doeling!


Here are some of our does, including some that we no longer have, but are the dams of some we have for sale.

BGF A23 Isis (the Greek goddess)
Registered 75% Kiko Doe

Sire:  BHR Big Ed
Dam: BGF 3 Mildred

Isis is a TRIPLET from Buckles Farm in NE Tennessee.  With Big Ed (twice), Tank (twice), JTVL12, 007 and Tasman Zorro in her pedigree, it's easy to understand why this first timer had 2 big colorful kids in 2014.  We expect "big things" from her in the future!

Rabbit #39

Unregistered Boer/Kiko

Rabbit is a sassy doe with a stocky build.  She consistently has kidded twins for us, and raises them well.  

She is named "Rabbit" because she likes to come up behind a person, then "pop up" between their legs!  It's funny if you're not the victim of her affection!

CBK Mindy
Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire:  HMK Fandango
Dam: ICF Melissa

This young doeling has crazy horns like her mother, but she is a great mom.  She was bred to Raven and  kidded twin girls her first time out.  She makes a good replacement doe for our herd, and should produce some great kids.  Her pedigree includes Lightin several times, Nick, Victoria Farm Puddin, MGR Mountain Lady, Exceller, Endurance, Generator and Loverboy.

BCK Oprah
Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire:  QFK Check Marks the Spot
Dam: QFK Curly

Oprah is a striking black TRIPLET doe who has given us twins or triplets every year since 2011.  She is independent, pushy, and a great mother!  Tasman and TAY lines all over her pedigree, top and bottom!

One of her black kids would make a great addition to your herd!

Nibbles #45

Unregistered Boer/Kiko/Myotonic Doe

Nibbles and her full sister, Elvira, (above) have Boer-like markings but in black, and pass their color on to their offspring.  Nibbles was bred to Raven in the fall of 2014 and produced twin boys one black and one that looks just like her.  She raised beautiful black and white twins every year since then.  

Also, FOR SALE, $200

BCK SW Ceasar's RosaLee
Registered New Zealand Fullblood Doe

Sire: Southwest Ceasar
Dam: QFK Tip of the Iceburg

RosaLee has heavy Goatex lines on the "top" in her pedigree, with Tasman Zorro and more Goatex on the bottom.  She kidded twins for the first time in 2011.  She was bred to Hill William and produced TRIPLETS in 2012 and a single in 2013!  She has continued to bulk up as she matures, and was an excellent mother! Her girls are solid and usually RED.

B & C Kikos & Savannas

BGF A29 Frappuccino
Registered 88% Kiko Doe

Sire:  BHR Big Ed
Dam:  BGF Tracy

Frappuccino carries size and color in her genes and passes them on to her kids. She was an excellent first-time mom in 2014 delivering 2 colored kids by herself on the side of a hill!  She has been parasite resistant and fairly independent, frequently leading the herd when they go out to the woods in the morning.

HMK Gwyn #146
Registered 88% Kiko Doe

Sire:  HMK Farragut
Dam: HMK Electra

Gwyn is another High Meadows Kikos - bred doe.  She is a great mom and her kids are Purebreds!  She also has Nick, the Lightin' line, Goldmine, 009, in her pedigree, plus Hill William ​is her grand-daddy!  She has had big colorful kids so far!

Snowflake #33

Unregistered Boer/Kiko/Myotonic Doe

Snowflake is Rabbit's half-sister, another stocky doe. She consistently has kidded twins for us, and raises them well.  She has good hooves from a well-culled herd, great milk supply, and fairly parasite resistant.  Her kids are popular with our buyers, maybe one of them will suit your fancy!  She waws bred to Georgie (Savanna) in the fall of 2014, and her 2015 triplets are already sold!​​

Evonne (HMK)
Registered New Zealand Fullblood Kiko 

Sire: TNB Conway (NZ)
Dam: BHR Bridget (NZ)

Evonne is the half-sister to Eve, but is a fullblood Kiko. She, too, was purchased from High Meadows Kikos in NE Tennessee.  She was born a TRIPLET, and is still a large-bodied doe, giving us twins or triplets every time!  Her bloodlines should add size and strong Kiko traits to our herd!  Perhaps one of her kids could improve YOUR herd too! She had triplets again in 2015 and raised them well by herself.

ICF Sandy #156
Registered Purebred Kiko Doe

Sire: QFK Gandolf
Dam: MGR Mountain Lady N26 "Granny"

Sandy is a very long-bodied doe with a broad chest. She has "007" and MGR Lightin as grandsires--Tasman Zorro, Goldmine, Moneymaker on top, Generator and heavy MGR lines on bottom.  She had twins every year since 2008, has an abundant milk supply, and is fiercely protective of her kids!

HMK Garbo #196
Registered 75% Kiko Doe

Sire:  "Hill William"
Dam: HMK Cupid

Garbo is a big solid doe, bred by
High Meadows Kikos in NE Tennessee.  She resembles a Boer in her build, and has Nick, Lightin', Moneymaker, Exceller, and LOTS of Goatex blood in her.  She, too, is a great mother with good parasite resistance and healthy hooves.

JFV 8-12 Goliath's June
Registered New Zealand Fullblood Kiko Doe

Sire:  Southwest Ceasar
Dam: TNT Keeper's June

June is a BIG NZ Kiko, who consistently has red twins, of varying sexes.  She is a very protective mother with an ample milk supply and parasite resistance.  She comes to us from Max Walker's Jack Fork Valley RanchHer pedigree includes Goatex Goliath, Heslington Sting, Nick, Moneymaker and Waysu Goliath's Keeper.