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I also carry a line of homemade 100% natural bath soaps, no artificial colors, scents, or preservatives, nor any lard.   Most of these soaps are "super-fatted" (emollient to your skin), and many include goat milk from our own goats!

Check them out!  If you have any questions, just call or email me!  ---Cherie-- cheriescrochetandsoap@gmail.com

New fragrances, Plumeria, Baby powder, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Rose, Vanilla, Orange--and many of them are GOAT MILK SOAPS!  Lavender, Honeysuckle, Cedarwood, Lemongrass....the list goes on!

Stay tuned.....

We don't just raise goats here at B&C Kikos.  Cherie has been creative, and has opened a Facebook page called "Cherie's Crochet 'N' Soap".  Here is one of her new projects, a cute way to display your business cards at goat events!  You can have it made in just about any "goat color" you choose, and if you prefer to give it as a gift to a special child in your life, you can have the business card holder left off!  Here are a few photos:

B & C Kikos & Savannas

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 We have SAVANNA CROSSES, PUREBRED KIKOS,  AND YEARLINGS. We are decreasing our herd slightly due to health reasons, so  If you don't see what you're looking for, CALL ME or email from our "Contact us" page!  There are several that are not pictured yet, because I haven't had time!!!   We have about 25-30 kids for sale either with their dams, or at weaning.

PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, and we usually give a discount on multiple purchases or on SOME of
our registered stock if purchased without registration papers --just ask.

If you like what you see, or just have questions, call us for more information or an appointment to look at our entire herd.

Please note:  some of our does are being sold with their kids, to quickly reduce our herd size.  Just ask!

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N.E. Tennessee

Located off I-81 near the Tri-Cities Area

#5033 Charoltte, Reg. PB Kiko doe

​(GUL O'Henry x HMK Ima)

Shown in early winter when first pregnant, Charlotte kidded in October 2019 with twins, a boy and a girl.  She was a great mom to them and her color came through on the girl!  She is currently "open", ready to be bred in the fall. 

 DOB 2/17/15


Price $500 incl. registration


#3372 Emmy, Reg. Purebred Kiko

Sire: TSU Bo (NZ)

Dam: Babbette (PB)

Emmy kidded twins, a boy and a girl, in Fall of 2018, so she is currently "open" (not bred.) She was a great mother, but we need to thin down our numbers!  DOB 3/11/09.  

$400 with NKR Registration

#6657 GCK 57 White Lightning, PB Kiko doe

LCK Gen'l Lee x GCK Roxie

White Lightning just kidded (3/20) twins, one white boy (shown) and one black boy, who is sleeping in the sun somewhere!  She has a good bag and ample milk, and is constantly on the lookout for threats to her kids. She has a very regal "kiko look." DOB 3/16/17, this is her first litter and she did well. Sire of the kids is Pitch Black, so they may make good herdsires.  Shown at less than one week old.

Price: $600 for doe, incl. papers, plus $200 for kids before weaning.   

Samantha #3379, PB Kiko doe

Hill William x Sunshine

Samantha is a huge doe, long and deep.  She is a great mom, a twin herself, and kidded twins agan this year, a girl and a boy.  She is off-white in color, but throws colored kids, as her mother was streaked with brown.  She will make a good addition to your herd.  DOB 3/13/13

​Price: $500, we will retain her doeling.

#3373 Ima, Reg. PB Kiko doe

Sire: Farragut (PB buck)

Dam: Emma (PB doe)

Ima, who is a triplet, kidded triplets this fall herself, 2 girls and a boy.  She was a great mother, and managed to raise all 3 to weaning without "bottles." Shown after weaning the triplets, a little haggard, but she will bounce back !  DOB 3/11/13. She is a big doe, long and deep.   She is not bred back yet, but will be bred in the fall of 2019 if she does not sell.

​​$ 500 with NKR registration

#5032 Avery, PB Kiko doe

​​(GUL O'Henry x HMK Ima)

Avery is the sister of Charlotte, shown above.  She had a huge single doeling in September 2018, whom we are keeping as a replacement.  She was a good mother and has a good udder.  She is easy to handle and would make a great addition to your doe herd.  DOB 2/17/15.

Price: $400 incl transfer papers 

Here are just a few examples of my work, there are more on my Facebook page, and most can be changed to suit you!  (color, size, etc.)