#1848, Root's girl(no name yet).  72% Savanna doeling

Sire:  Duke, FB Savanna buck (reduced to 97% by recent DNA issue)

Dam: Root, 50% Savanna, daughter of Rabbit

This doeling is a twin with the typical long spotted Savanna ears.  DOB 3/13/18, so she has another year to grow before breeding. She also possesses the 2x2 teat configuration that was the standard of all imported Savannas.  This is not "fish teats" these appear to be 4 fully functional teats, which will be borne out when she kids for the first time.

Price: $250 incl. PI Papers

#1786, 75% Savanna doeling ( not named yet)

Sire:  Granite (PB Registered Savanna)(reduced     from Fullblood by recent P.I. buck DNA issue)

Dam: Bella, 50% Savanna/comml. boer cross

This doeling is 75% Savanna.  Shown at 18 months, DOB 4/6/17.  In our opinion, she was a little small to be considered "quality breeding stock" but she has started to grow again. Many of our Savanna crosses have a "late" growth spurt. She had twins 4/6/19, a boy & a girl, who have the "typical" boer head coloring.  She is a good mom!

Price $300 incl. PI registration & kids before weaning

#6601, Root. Reg. 50% Savanna doe/50% kiko

Sire: PJT Little Georgie, Reg. FB Savanna Buck

Dam: Rabbit, unreg. Kiko/Boer doe

Root is a twin with the typical "long ears" of the Savanna breed. DOB 4/2/16.   She has kidded once, twins, and did well with them.  Shown just after kidding, so she looks a little thin.  We do not grain our Savannas heavily as many do, they are raised on pasture / forage with the Kikos.  They get a small amount of grain a few times a week to keep them friendly!  NEW:  She kidded a single doeling 3/11/19, white with a tan head.  #3368  2 days old and out in the rain with mama!

Price:  $400 incl papers to EITHER PI or NKR, & $100 for unweaned kid.

Bucklings for sale

#879 "The Duke", Reg. 94% Savanna Buck (was Fullblood before "adjustment") 

Sire: 4C 223 (Luggnutt)

Dam: 4C Cleo

The Duke is a well-built, thickly muscled Savanna buck.  He is a sweetheart to people and a gentleman to his "ladies!"  We have no problem with him with regards to fences or fighting with other mature bucks.  He is pastured with both mature and baby bucks when not breeding, and does not hurt them.  We have several of his daughters, so he has about worked himself out of a job! He will be 3 years old in April 2019, so he will likely to get even bigger with age.

Price:  $600 incl. P.I. registration & transfer

All Savanna percentages have been adjusted down as per the recent Pedigree International DNA "correction" issued August, 2017.

We don't just raise goats here at B&C Kikos.  Cherie has been creative, and has opened a Facebook page called "Cherie's Crochet 'N' Soap".  Here is one of her new projects, a cute way to display your business cards at goat events!  You can have it made in just about any "goat color" you choose, and if you prefer to give it as a gift to a special child in your life, you can have the business card holder left off!  Here are a few photos:

Cinnabun--no eartag, (no ears!) 

Sire: Granite (PB Registered Savanna)(reduced     from Fullblood by recent P.I. buck DNA issue)

Dam: Cinnamon (FB LaMancha doe)

Cinnabun is a half Savanna, half LaMancha doeling, shown at age 2 years, tho I had a hard time making her look at the camera!.  She is a twin and shows better body condition than most dairy goats because of her Savanna heritage.  We expect her to give lots of milk (and you should be able to milk her after she kids).  Her mother was great at  both raising her kids and being milked. She raised her single doeling kid well in 2018. She has little half-ears, sometimes referred to as long gopher ears by LaMancha breeders.  She is NOT disbudded (or "dehorned.") Currently exposed to Duke.

Price: $300, no papers available. 

Goats, cows, horses, hippos, elephants, dinasaurs, and many other creatures as well as clothing and baby items can be ordered from my Facebook Page, at : Click Here

I also carry a line of homemade 100% natural bath soaps, no artificial colors, scents, or preservatives, nor any lard.   Most of these soaps are "super-fatted" (emollient to your skin), and many include goat milk from our own goats!

Check them out!  If you have any questions, just call or email me!  ---Cherie-- cheriescrochetandsoap@gmail.com

New fragrances, Plumeria, Baby powder, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Rose, Vanilla, Orange--and many of them are GOAT MILK SOAPS!  Lavender, Honeysuckle, Cedarwood, Lemongrass....the list goes on!

Stay tuned.....


​​​#821 Leap of Faith, reg. 50% Savanna doe and kids (was FB)

Leap of Faith kidded on 3/15/19 with 2 darling little boys, both 7 lbs. They are both frisky and healthy, 72% Savanna.  Sired by Duke.  

Price for doe with papers is $400, add $100 each for kids.

More to come!

#1847, Lucy's boy (no name) 50% Savanna, 25% Kiko, 25% Boer

#1847 is a pure black TWIN, 9.75# at birth, 48# at 90 days, sired by Duke.  DOB 3/07/18.  He does have a fish teat, which is completely inconsequential in a commercial herd. But he should definitely add COLOR and SIZE to your herd.


#1843 White Chocolate, 89% Savanna doeling

Duke x Dreamer (both shown below)

White Chocolate is a twin, DOB 3/15/18, so she can be bred in the fall of 2019.  She is open, too young to be bred in our opinion, but growning well and quite a feisty girl!  She should make a good addition to your doe herd!

Price:  $300, $350 with PI registration

#229 unreg. Savanna/kiko/Boer cross buckling

Is a QUAD out of Snowflake, a Boer/Kiko cross.  Their sire is Duke, which makes them 50% Savanna.  They must be 97% Savanna to be registered, but they will add bulk to your kid crop!  This boy has been playing in the stickers!  #229 was 35# , all 4 quads were raised by their mother, no grain to the kids.


#822 Dreamer, reg. 85% Savanna doe 

Dreamer kidded 3/18/19 with a girl and a boy!  She has proven to be a good mother, gentle and with plenty of milk.  (my apologies for the mud!)  

Price is $500 for the doe alone and $700 for the trio.  Includes transfer for the doe and applications for the kids.

#1796,Snowbird's girl (no name yet) 74% Savanna doeling

Sire: Granite (fullblood Savanna, reduced to PB in 2017 )

Dam: Snowbird,  50% Savanna/boer/Kiko doe

This girl is a 74% Savanna doeling, born 4/3/17. She was bred for the first time in Fall 2018.  She is a twin. She has small Boer markings on her head. She kidded twin boys 4/9/19, and they are doing well!

Price:  $400 with P.I. papers incl. kids before weaning.

#1844, Rabbit's girl(no name yet).  50% Savanna doeling

Sire:  Duke, FB Savanna buck (reduced to 97% by recent DNA issue)

Dam: Rabbit, unreg. Boer/Kiko dam

This doeling is a twin with a slight black dorsal, and grey around the head and ears.  DOB 3/6/18, so she has another year to grow before breeding, and she is already a pretty good size. Her mother is a big Boer-cross who has twins or triplets!  Open.

Price: $250 incl. PI Papers

Here are just a few examples of my work, there are more on my Facebook page, and most can be changed to suit you!  (color, size, etc.)

#1790, Bluebelle, 50% Savanna doe

Sire:  PJT Little Georgie, 100% Savanna buck

Dam: BlueEyes, unreg. Savanna/Boer doe

Bluebelle was bred to The Duke, and had a large single girl 3/30/19.  She has beautiful blue eyes, as did her mother, and she is friendly.  She is a twin, weighing 7# at birth from a first-time mother.  She should make a good addition to your Savanna herd.

Price:  $300 with P.I. paprs. $50 for the unweaned kid, 72% Savanna.

We kept a few percentage Savanna bucklings on the farm, as they seem to be gaining popularity with commercial breeders, to put some meat on your kids.  They continue to grow and "bulk  up" until about age 4.  These were born in spring, 2018.



N.E. Tennessee

Located off I-81 near the Tri-Cities Area

FOR SALE      Hit "Refresh" as we have added several goats and they won't show up if you've been here recently.  Also, this webpage does not display correctly on a mobile phone, so try a computer.  Tech support cannot fix this, so I am working on a new website with a new ISP.  Thank you for your patience!! 

We have SAVANNA CROSSES, PUREBRED KIKOS,  AND YEARLINGS. We are decreasing our herd slightly due to HEALTH REASONS (OURS), so  If you don't see what you're looking for, CALL ME or email from our "Contact us" page!  There are many that are not pictured because I haven't had TiME!  We have about 25-30 kids for sale either with their dams, or at weaning time.
PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, and we usually give a discount on multiple purchases or on SOME of
our registered stock if purchased without registration papers --just ask.

If you like what you see, or just have questions, call us for more information or an appointment to look at our entire herd.
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​PLEASE NOTE:  Some of our does a re being sold as a DOE-PLUS-KIDS package, and some will be sold as kids when weaned.   Just ASK!

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B & C Kikos & Savannas

#1784, Sarah, 75% Savanna doe

Sire: Granite, 97% Savanna buck (was fullblood)

Dam: Saphire, 50% Savanna doe

Sarah kidded twins, a boy and a girl, on March 30, 2019.  She can be sold with the kids at $750 any time, or alone for $600 after the kids are weaned. Picture taken in Fall 2018.  Excellent mom!

Price includes papers for doe and application for papers for kids.