Here are some of our herd sires whose genetics are present in our herd.

Current Herdsire --  

"HBL King Tut's Pitch Black" 100% NZ Kiko

       (Parentage Verified)


Sire: SPKF King Tut

Dam: HKGF Nola

"Pitch Black" is a new arrival to our farm and has produces mostly black kids, mostly twins, and all healthy!  He has been known in the past to pass on his color  and size!  Be sure to watch the "for sale" page for updates!

Junior Herdsire

"CBK Taffy's Tank"  Reg. PB Kiko Buck

Sire: LCK Jack Hammer (100% NZ Kiko)

Dam:  CBK 4066 Taffy

We gave "Tank" a "trial run" in the fall of 2018.  We bred him to 2 does, a black and white commercial boer/kiko cross and a black and white Purebred Kiko Doe. (Nibbles and Champagne).  The result was 2 sets of colored twin doelings!  We will be using him this fall (2019) on several more does.  

Previous New Zealand Kiko Herdsire: Jack Hammer

Registered fullblood New Zealand Kiko Buck (100%)

​​Sire: GAL Hammerson

Dam: Boulder Hills WR199


Jack Hammer is a fairly gentle but very aggressive breeder, in that he settles his does QUICKLY and QUIETLY.  He is cream-colored, but there are some colored genes "in there" as evidenced by his pedigree and his kids!  His background included Lightin', Eastex James Bond (repeatedly), Goatex Confederate, and multiple Goatex, Boulder Hills, and JTV goats, which go back to the "original Kikos."  He continues to fill out and buff up! 

We were impressed when we introduced this new buck to our herd in 2016.  (MOVED TO ALABAMA 2018)

#879 "The Duke", ​Reg. 94% Savanna Buck(was Fullblood before         "adjustment")


Sire: 4C 223 (Luggnutt)

Dam: 4C Cleo

The Duke is a well-built, thickly muscled Savanna buck.  He is a sweetheart to people and a gentleman to his "ladies!"  We have no problem with him with regards to fences or fighting with other mature bucks.  He is pastured with both mature and baby bucks when not breeding, and does not hurt them.  We have several of his daughters, so he has about worked himself out of a job! He will be 3 years old in April 2019, so he will likely to get even bigger with age.


The Duke is for sale currently and ready to work!


Price:  $600 incl. P.I. registration & transfer

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