Some of our Foundation Does

CBK Taffy's mother, ICF Taffy 151

CBK 4066 Taffy 

Purebred Doe

CBK Taffy is a "home-grown" doe, born right here on our farm, 3/21/2014.  She is the daughter of ICF Taffy, and TNB "Hill William. "  


She is a big, long, strong doe, who continues to produce twins or triplets each year, usually light red in color!  She is an excellent mom, has ample milk, and produced our Junior Herdsire, Taffy's Tank (who is black!)   Her daughters are in high demand, passing on that long body just built for carrying babies!


We also have her grand-daughter here, DOG Arya's Needle.  (See below)  This line includes "Nick",  Moneymaker, Goldmine, TAY 007, and Lightin' , among other big names. 


She's definitely a "keeper" in our books!  

Price: $600 incl. transfer in NKR

CBK 1712 Tenille

PB Doe

Tenille is Taffy's daughter, DOB 3/20/17. She is from Taffy's second litter, sired by LCK Jack Hammer. Tenille just kidded for the first time, 2 black bucklings, sired by our newest herdsire, HBL King Tut's Pitch Black.  One of the boys looks like a potential herdsire, but we will see when the periodic weights are in.  Tenille will definitely remain in our doe herd for some time.  Hopefully she will give us some GIRLS next year! 

Price:  $500 incl. transfer to NKR

Tenille and her 2019 kids

DOG Arya's Needle

PB Doe

Arya's Needle is the daughter of CBK 6644 Arya, Taffy's first daughter, and was sired by BHR OG's Gunnar.  She displays good size for her age, and will be bred for the first time in the fall of 2019, most likely to Pitch Black. And, altho she is very friendly, she will NOT look at the camera!


Sale Price:  $500 incl. transfer to NKR


To see more goats from the Abandoned Dog  click on the picture below!

Abandoned Dog sign.jpg

CBK Vicki VanGoat 6600 

50% Kiko / Savanna Doe

Vicki is double-registered with Pedigree International and the National Kiko Registry as a 50% doe.  Her sire, PJT Little Georgie is a Fullblood Savanna, and her mother, Mindy (shown at top right) is a Purebred Kiko.  

Her odd name is because, as a kid, her mother accidentally grabbed her eartag in between her horns, and ripped off 2/3 of the kid's ear!  Painful but not fatal, Vicki has grown to be a long-bodied doe with plenty of milk, and a great mom!   DOB 2/14/15.  Her first kidding 3/14/19 produced TRIPETS, 2 girls and a boy!  She will be part of our Kiko breed-up program.

Price:  $300 incl. transfer to PI or NKR

CBK Mindy, Vicki's mother

Vicki VanGoat


CBK 1703 Samsonette

PB Kiko Doe

Samsonette is the daughter of Jack Hammer and Hill William's Samantha, a large, long doe.  DOB 3/17/17. She is also long in the body, and is often seen browsing on the lower branches of trees, standing on her hind legs.  She has kidded once, a single buckling, but he shows size and promise as a potential herd sire!  Her sister Sammie, born one year later to the same parents, is also showing good size and has been retained in the doeling herd. 


Price:  $600 incl transfer to NKR  

CBK Champagne 1710

PB Doe

Champagne is a young doe, DOB 3/20/17, who has proven to be a great mother her first time out.  She has loads of color and passed it on to her daughters.  Her pedigree inclluded COO Iron Horse, Goldmine II, Generator, Vincent Van Goat 009, Victoria's Secret   to name a few.  

We expect great things from her in the future as she remains a part of our breeding herd.

Price:  $400 incl. transfer to NKR

Her girls are also for sale for $250 each.  Shown here at only a month old.

Champagne and her 2019 girls


Unregistered Kiko/Boer doe

Nibbles has been with us for many years, and will live out her life here.  DOB 2/9/11.  She has given us many great kids, all big and healthy.  She refused to give birth anywhere near a barn or shelter, so when she is "due" and doesn't show up for bedtime, we know she is out in the woods somewhere giving birth!  This has never been a problem, though, and she always brings them back to the barn within 3 days, or if it's going to rain!  She is a big, friendly doe, and her genetics are in several of our percentage doelings, and MANY meat bucklings! 


GCK 57 White Lightning

88% Registered Doe

White Lightning is new to our farm, as of September 2018.  She has a great pedigree with Aristocrat, Lightin', Nick, COO Iron Horse, LCK General Lee, Tasman Toia---the list goes on!  DOB 3/16/17.  She kidded for the first time in Spring 2019, 2 big bucklings.  They are registerable as Purebreds, and one of them looks promising to be a herdsire.  We will watch his weight gains and general history as he grows before we make a final decision!  This doe has the potential to produce many Purebred Kikos in her lifetime!

Price:  $400 incl transfer in NKR

GFI RM PB 438 

Purebred Kiko doe

"Nancy" (as we affectionately know her) was bred by Nancy Gilleland of Rolling Meadows Farm.  She is a QUAD and you would never know it, as she is a long, heavy-bodied solid doe who gave us two big twins Fall of 2018.  Her pedigree is loaded with big names such as Moneymaker, Loverboy, Herk, Generator, Nick, Aristocrat,   and more, some appearing several times!  Her kids last fall, a buck and a doe, were large and healthy.  We retained her doeling, whom we named "Alice" (because the kids both fell down a rabbit hole, literally!).  She should be able to produce both size and color on our farm over the next several years, in spite of her age.  (DOB 2/19/12)

Price:  $500 incl. transfer in NKR

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