With the arrival of the spring grasses (FINALLY) We have been moving our sub-herds to our remote pastures, which is part of our ROTATIONAL GRAZING program to reduce the parasites in our goats naturally, rather than with chemicals. This also allows our own pastures to "rest" and re-grow, and most of the parasite eggs to die off, since their "hosts" (our goats) are not present for several months, breaking the parasite reproductive cycle. By the same token, the remote pastures have been resting since late fall, and hopefully the parasites there have died off during our long, cold, when-will-it-ever-end winter!  


Since there are few trees in some parts of the remote pastures, and we do expect some heavy spring rains (no tornadoes hopefully) we are again building and moving our temporary tarp huts to the new areas. Often we are asked by our customers how we these build huts, so we thought a short primer with pictures to illustrate would be helpful!

Click here to access the instructions in a PDF file 

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