Great Gifts:

Be sure to check out  my facebook page, Cherie's Crochet N Soap.   ​​​​I carry unique hand-made gift items such as crocheted stuffed teddy bears, cow, goats, pigs, and horses; afghans, potholders, handy "bag ladies" for taming those plastic shopping bags, baby clothes, toys, "loveys", and a very different kind of hot pad/ trivet for your table.  I have recently added HAND MADE NATURAL SOAPS, many with goat milk, with more being released each week as they come off the curing rack.  Take a look!  Message me form questions and orders.

Goat Registration


​​We recommend the National Kiko Registry for Kikos, and Pedigree International for Savannas.  Click on the name to visit their websites!

Fencing and Equipment

  • ​​​Premier One Supply ​​or 800-282-6631, for electric and permanent fencing, equipment, veterinary supplies, and they also have a FREE NEWSLETTER--informative, interesting, and doesn't arrive in your inbox every day!  I believe it is a MONTHLY post. They sell our favorite kind of netting, and customer service is VERY helpful and patient with folks who have questions!!!

  • ​​Cyclops Fence Co. 717-786-0368. Email sales@cyclopsfence.com.   We have recently switched to these chargers and are very happy with their performance and with the customer service department!

  • ​Stafix ​​chargers come in many models to suit your needs.  We especially like the model with the remote control that reads the voltage, points to the direction of the shorts, and can shut off and turn on the charger from a distance!  Comes in handy when you're trouble-shooting a short!

  • M&M Farm Supply, Fall Branch, TN 423-348-6181

  • Fencechargers.net, Electric fencing supplies, chargers, solar panels, etc.  815-496-6712 (Chicago)

  • Scrapie Tags and Info : You will need to get a premise ID, and then you can get FREE Scrapie Tags (or pay for them from Premier) in order to sell a goat to an auction or across state lines.  We use them from BIRTH for ID, makes a lot of things easier!!!  These folks are also very helpful.  If you have a Herd Prefix with your favorite goat registry, some states will allow you to use that, preceded by the 2-digit abbreviation for your state, as your Scrapie ID, which ALSO makes things easier.  As of 2018 , the free Scrapie tags are METAL which we find to be a problem, as they cause nasty infections in the goats' ears.  We prefer to purchase Scrapie tags from Premier.  They have several styles that qualify for Scrapie tags.

  • Hawkins County Farmers Co-Op, Hal Thurman, Outside sales.  This is where we get our "fence post pounder" for putting in wooden posts.  HIGHLY recommended equipment for rent.  423-272-2611

  • Washington County Farmers Co-Op--also dedicated to customer service, unlike some others in our part of TN. 423-913-1100​ 

​Catalogs / equipment

  • Nite Guard ​The little solar-powered lights that scare away predators.  GREAT INVENTION!  1-800-328-6647 OR sometimes available on sale from Jeffers.  Not cheap, but durable, reliable, and they WORK!

  • Peaceful Valley Farm Supply - 888-784-1722.  Specialize in organic​ gardening, hand-made and hard-to-find tools, organic seed and plants, watering systems, predator protection fencing.  If it's organic and you can't find it locally, try these guys, located in the mountains of California.

Books / Reference

  • Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats by Maggie Sayer--Available "everywhere"--Amazon, Tractor Supply, Hoegger, Jeffers, etc.

  • Simply Meat Goats by Sandra Solaiman

  • ​Natural Goat Care by Pat Coleby. (again, "everywhere", published by www.acresusa.com)

  • ​Making Money with Meat Goats (and other books and media) by Ellie Winslow, author of "Beyond the Sidewalk."  This is now available in an E-version, so you can print out the appropriate sheets for your new goat buyers, which is frequently needed!  Getting hard to find, as "beyondthesidewalk.com" is currently not on line anymore.  It has a lot of info in it, some useful, some just wordy!

  • The Epicurean Goat goat meat cookbook.  Try it, you'll like it, and now you know "what to do with goat meat!"

  • Sheep and goat Medicine by D.G. Pugh.  Very detailed and technical, may be too technical in parts for most people, but I love their goat medicine dosage tables! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Google it.

  • A Compilation of the Wit and Wisdom ​ ​of the Goat Man by Dr. Frank Pinkerton.  (Page down when you open the link)



​Goat Rancher Magazine--​ read online or receive a hard copy in the mail!   662-562-9529

A note regarding educational, reference websites, chat rooms, etc.

​​First, you should work very hard to find not only a vet who "will treat" goats, but you should try to find a vet who SPECIALIZES in goats or camelids.  It is illegal for a person who has not established a patient/doctor relationship with your goat to recommend treatment or dosage of medications.

​Secondly, if you can't find / get a vet to advise or treat your animal and you decide to "go with" what's on the internet, be careful.  There's a lot of garbage out there, and not just about goats!

​ALWAYS TRY TO FIND THE SAME OR SIMILAR INSTRUCTIONS ON THE INTERNET FROM MORE THAN ONE SOURCE BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY "INTERNET MEDICINE."  Remember, free advice is sometimes worth exactly what you paid for it!  Be aware that your animal may die and/or expose other goats to disease in spite of your best efforts.  That said, try to learn all you can from RELIABLE SOURCES (like your goat vet???)


  • ​​NEW--The best broad-based educational program we've seen since the Master Meat Goat class (which is included in this presentation) is the FREE   ATTRA program called Small Ruminant Toolbox.   It is available online, but don't expect to be able to absorb all this knowledge in one sitting! Excellent for the new goat farmer, in small doses, as well as a good brush-up for the "old hands."  If you have dial-up or a slow internet connection, it is also available on a flash drive by mail, $5 plus $3 shipping from the address below or 800-346-9140.    https://attra.ncat.org/ruminant/

  • Goat-related ads--Goatads.com or Goatzz.com

  • ​​Printable Color guide to Internal Parasites and instructions for doing fecals at home using McMasters slides.

  • ​Master Meat Goat Classes in TN or Google your home state.

  • ​Birth info and lots of general health info with a lean towards organic from Fiaso Farm. (graphic birth photos)

  • Disbudding, banding, general care hints (from Fias Co Farm)

  • The biology of the goat, ​goat-care website and video by Karen Christiansen

  • ​Maryland small ruminant page (sheepandgoat.com)

  • FARAD, Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank, or 888-873-2723

  • Educational articles and more from Motes Clear Creek Farms

  • ​Hoop Huts--check them out, on our how-to page



  • ​​​​Dan and Paula Lane, at www.bountifulfarm.com, are no longer rescuing or selling LGD's, but they have kindly left their website on the internet for the volumes of info available, and the was also a DVD you could order.

  • ​Info on all the LGD breeds and some links to other LGD sites---http://www.lgd.org

  • ​LGD RESCUE  ​  Best to Google this one , as there are several.  Be sure you are getting a WORKING dog, not a PET, if that is what you are looking for.  We don't recommend starting with puppies unless you already have an adult working dog, and you have the time and patience to spend with the pups, correcting bad behavior such as chasing and pulling on afterbirth.  We have owned many large dogs, and about half of them were NOT suitable to be LGD's or Livestock Protection Dogs.  A GUARD dog is not a LIVESTOCK PROTECTION DOG 



  • ​NRCS ​ ​Natural Resource Conservation Service--Click on the  link, then choose your state, to read about cost-sharing programs for the farmer for ponds, watering systems, fencing, barns, erosion control, forestry help, and more.  Each state is different on what is available, and when.

  • ​Contact your local Extension Service ​and become familiar with your local office and agent, who can steer you to a MULTITUDE of helpful programs, education, literature, and contacts within your community.

  • ​GOOGLE BY STATE ​for your local FARMER'S CO-OP​, usually one in each county, for feed, supplies, advice, rentals (at some locations) repairs to fam equipment and community contacts.  Some employees at these co-ops are better than others, so if you're not satisfied or still have questions or needs, try a nearby county!  We have discovered that for certain needs, our local co-op is NOT the place to go.   Many are on Facebook and/or have a website where you can look up available products, tho usually not prices.

  • ​Rural Resources​ has many offices that usually serve a local community, helping to link the farmers and their potential customers.  They have many helpful programs and customer service people who are very willing to help.​  Here is the link to our local office....     Rural Resources




  • Delta Airlines or American Airlines ​ have animal transport, with many restrictions on size, containment, and time of year.  Call the for details



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