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"Why Kikos?" you might ask.....

Kikos are known for their parasite resistance, excellent mothering skills, aggressive foraging  abilities, rapid growth and solid, healthy hooves.  Goats that do not exhibit those characteristics are removed from our breeding herd.

We keep careful records of birth weights, number of kids per litter per doe, progress weights at 30, 90, and 150 days, and compute EPD’s (Expected Progeny Differentials) for each doe, every year.  

We de-worm our goats only as needed, using the FAMACHA method. Periodic Fecal Egg Counts are also taken.

We also make note of the intangibles, such as mothering ability, ease of kidding, frequency of foot trimming and de-worming required. 

These records help us decide which lines continue to exemplify the Kiko ideal, which lines are best suited to carry on those genetics, and which lines are failing to measure up. 

These figures are available to buyers on request.  Although we have seen that such figures can vary widely from ranch to ranch depending upon management practices, keeping good records gives us an accurate picture of how each goat on our ranch is performing, compared to our ranch average.

We feel that only through the use of good record-keeping and rigorous culling can we continue to meet our buyers’ expectations for quality breeding stock and starter herds.

Goats are BROWSERS not GRAZERS....

Here is an interesting illustration about how Kikos browse (eat brush.) The consistently push over and "walk down" the smaller bushes, or stand on their hind legs to reach the lower branches.  The leaves at the top of trees and bushes are not only more tender (and probably taste better) but there are no parasites up there for the goats to ingest!  

​We use rotational grazing that includes browse and grass to help keep our goats healthy and reduce the amount of medications they need, therefore limiting the amount of chemicals in the food chain.  We think we're ALL better off for it!​

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